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Nature trails

Nature trails

A variety of itineraries to be enjoyed on foot, on horseback or cycling, in order to allow the visitor to discover the wealth of our natural environment, the history of the emergence of architectural signs and other traces of human occupation.

The naturalistic map "Walks around Radicondoli and Belforte"is now available at the main shops in Radicondolli and Belforte.

These excursions can also be seen as alternative open air workshops aimed at breathing some life into the teaching of natural sciences, history and geography. In order to put into practice and test those theoretical notions which may have been taught in the confines of a classroom. In this way young people might have the opportunity to learn to read a map, to find their bearing and follow a given route as well as having the opportunity to observe the flora and the fauna amongst a variety of ecosystems. This will also be an opportunity to gather samples and discover traces. Dates for guided tours are being finalised.

For guided excursions please contact the Secretary of Ethoikos at

Bosco delle Carline
Carta Naturalistica e Escursionistica  (available only the Italian version)

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